Why whales love Raca Metamon NFT games

Now, whales and institutional investors are buying Metamons Diamonds and Potions big time. They are constantly increasing their new funds, and they train Metamons and level them up.

There also are traders who bought and opened eggs and only to sell the Metamons, diamonds and potions later are liquidity providers. They both serve a purpose: the former needs the latter to establish positions without pushing up the price too fast and the latter needs the former to exit positions.

Many new whales and institutional investors are buying Metamons , diamond potions in large quantities. and these people are accumulating a lot of assets in the Metamon and in the USM. They did not sell at all. They keep buying. And we can see eggs, potions, diamonds etc prices continue to go up. Small players are also buying and selling, but they don’t influence the market trends.

Why are the whales getting into RACA NFTs?

The consensus is that everyone is and will be buying RACA in anticipation of the future of Metaverse and USM, the public chain. Both are still very early, and early is the best time to buy. Betting on the success of RACA and its ecosystem, these people are hoarding a lot of assets.

If history ever tells us anything, it is that those who anticipate and hold the right assets become prosperous and have generational wealth.

In the future, perhaps those egg hoarding whales become the feudal lords of the Metaverse. Yes, they win and so do their offspring.

In the future, perhaps it is only natural they also become the node validators of USM, the public chain, the elites who decide the fate of the universe according to a book of rules.

In the past few days, RACA has finally started a rather violent consolidation. Early adopters took profits. According to the data we are seeing, the profit taking was mostly from the early adopters rather than the newcomers.

The rationale behind the profit-taking is rather simple: the Metamon game is too expensive to play and new players will be priced out. But we failed to inform them that if they bought Metamons and played the game, their RACA would have been doubled within a month. If they had bought 100 million RACA Metamons at the end of October, those NFTs and their yields would be worth at least 200 million RACAs by now.

And we are still early. Buying Metamons to play the game, one could still double or triple his RACA in a couple of months. You think this will not attract new players? You are not gonna make it.