TAC Thaicoin – new token

TAC coin is new token. China Weibo Super Talk Big Golden Dog Community highly recommends it. I personally think that the current price of 0.00001695 and 16 million market cap can be considered a reasonable price for take profit after 10x. However, the community said it will be reach 1000x. Below are the point stated by the communities as follows: DYOR. Not financial advice.

Current TAC real currency holding address 7100+

Ask every family member who holds the detector task: Invite 2 newcomers to purchase 100U respectively. The purpose is to set the real currency holding address to 15,000. Then the project will release major positive news and complete the second phase of the 50-fold increase. Target.

I only need 100U and 15,000 addresses!

Contract address: 0xcfc9321e3aa3a15bbbc4c4390da7407f3ec84145

Thaicoin (TAC) must: 1000 times the price from now

The contract is open source: the code is completely clean.

🔥No additional issuance of total supply

🔥 Tax rate is fix.

🔥No blacklist

🔥The boss only holds 5% of his position for airdrop! Full community autonomy

🔥 Pre-sale is completed in 1 second!

🔥LP has been locked.

K-line chart: https://poocoin.app/tokens/0xcfc9321e3aa3a15bbbc4c4390da7407f3ec84145