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HYIP with smart contract

About HYIPDapp.com

Hi all, HYIP is very risky program in the world. Owner can take the money out anytime (In fact owner can lose money too). The revolution of blockchain smart contract has change the games rules. Owner cannot take the money out from the wallet unless mentioned in the smart contract. Thus, invest in HYIPs with smart contract are more reliable than the tradisional HYIP. The hyip’s owner can charge certain percentage of owner fee/referral fee/promotion fee only which already mentioned in their program. Everything is transparent. Please read  the etherscan smart contract carefully before you join . For instance, the Fund IN and Fund OUT and the balance of the fund. Invest at your own risk.

This is the reason I make a HYIP DApp website for reviewing the HYIP with smart contract.

For the owner of the HYIP. You are welcome to list your site in this website. Contact me: sakuraient@gmail.com

Latest update August 26,2020 : hyipdapp.com/defi-token-project-non-hyip-for-speculation-defi-with-smart-contract/

About HYIPDapp.com