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Defi token project (Non HYIP) for speculation – Defi with smart contract

Hi all, we will update the latest Defi tokens for your speculation and make 10x to 100x profits easily. Most of the defi tokens are ERC20 token. Thus you have to prepare some ethereum ETH for you to speculate in uniswap exchange. Note: Defi token is non hyip. I will teach you some techniques or join my email list admin@hyipdapp.com

Our main site to analyze the token https://www.dextools.io , this is extremely good site for defi and you can buy their tokens for live update prices.


August 25, 2020 till …..I will tell you when cannot speculate.

  1. ZZZ (zzz finance)
  2. Xiotri (xiotri finance)
  3. YFIE (YFI exchange)