Why Radio Raca Metamon is better than Axie Infinity?

How lucrative is the Metamon game? Is it more profitable than Axie Infinity?
Yes. It is extremely profitable to play the Metamon game. Invest in an N Metamon. A player is expected to recoup the investment in 11 days if he reinvests his returns.

An N Metamon right now can earn a Metamon Egg within 2 or 3 days. This dynamic can be roughly translated into a 6% daily increase rate.

Are investors exiting RACA the token and rotating capital into the Metamon NFTs, leading to RACA sell-offs?

Whales have been accumulating RACA, and they don’t seem to distribute their bags anytime soon. RACA is the native currency of the Metamon NFT market. Those who buy and sell NFTs must pay and get paid RACA. Whoever is hoarding NFTs must be extremely bullish on RACA; they denominate their game profits in RACA, not USD.

The high yield is from the extremely fast increase of the user base. And more users are buying Metamons in order to participate and earn the high yield. The expansion rate of the Metamon quantity is at 6% daily and compounding.
Is the economy of the Metamon game sustainable?
The key is the egg. The equilibrium lies in the sustainability of the egg price. The inflation rate of the Metamon egg is going to slow down and so is the Metamon thereof. As long as the quantity is stable, there are a number of tools that can be used to sustain the egg price such as adding RACA to the loot table. Therefore, softlanding, the art of slowing down the expansion without crushing the economy, is the key.

The reduction of the Metamon egg inflation rate will begin on Nov. 27th and end on Dec 25th.

There will be another Mystery Box release on Dec 16th.

Radio Caca NFTs will be as valuable as bitcoin. Their value proposition being Radio Caca and its community will always be behind them. Radio Caca will keep developing new games and products, and the NFTs will always be given value in them. For example, users will be able to deposit their Metamon NFTs in all of Radio Caca’s games and enjoy the benefit. Products are evolving, but NFT assets are static. NFTs are timeless and passed through generations.

In Metaverse, creativity is limitless. There will be endless new games, and NFTs will be the pass to experience all of them. Unlike DeFi, parallel game universes and NFTs do not impose systemic risks. The high yield is simply because we are at the early stage of the explosion of the ecosystem.